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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Give Community Supported Agriculture A TRY!

The trees were full of stuck-on snow this morning-again! It makes me long for spring and the early fresh foods that will become available soon. Although I normally forgo them,I'm now ready for my first local radish of the year!
One way to participate in the local food scene is to buy into it:by investing upfront in a share of the season's produce from a nearby farm. Here in Maine, a share typically costs between $275 and $400 for a farmer's market season and you get a box full of whatever ripens that week all summer long. Alternatively you get a weekly voucher to pick up produce at the local farmer's market.Either way both you, the consumer, and your local farmer benefit. The farmer gets a bit of up front money to purchase seeds and necessities and the consumer is guaranteed a share of whatever local fresh veg is produced that summer. You will also find yourself getting more attuned to weather forecasts-as they definitely will effect your investment!

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